Get Eggcited About Your BusinessOK, so it’s that time of year again when I fight the urge to turn many different words in to some kind of Easter egg pun and completely fail. So over the next few days if you come across a play in words within our social media, email or indeed our websites then please let me take this opportunity to apologise.

Joking aside, now is a great time to get excited about your business… More and more people are finding they have extra disposable income each month which is leading to an increase in turnover for businesses across the country. So if you can tap into some of the growth in the economy this is surely a reason to get excited about growing the business.

In addition to this if you are one of our local Ayrshire neighbours you will be aware that the Golf Open is coming to Troon this year. This will mean that a lot of additional tourists will be visiting the area, giving many local businesses the opportunity to increase turnover.

Become more visible!

One of the most important things businesses have to achieve for these opportunities to be realised is for the business to become more visible. What I mean by this is that people have to be more aware of your existence and know what services or products are on offer.

There is an expression that is thrown about when talking about consumer trends and behaviour and that is ‘Time Poor’. This refers to the limited amount of spare time that people have in their busy lives. Commitments to work, family life and indeed socialising have never been higher. This leaves people with less and less time on their hands. What this means to many businesses is that in general people no longer invest the same amount of time in looking for businesses that provide the items they are looking to purchase.

The most successful businesses make themselves more visible than their competitors, and by doing so attract new customers into the business… people who may not have invested very much time in researching the market before choosing to engage with your business. This does not mean that quality and service are not important, indeed these are still eggstremely (sorry) important, as without these repeat business would be poor. Visibility focuses on getting people in the door.

Free 30 Minute Marketing Consultation

As a creative design and marketing agency, we develop strategies for businesses that help them grow by making them more visible. If you would like to know more about about how we can help your business grow, or are just looking to take advantage of some free marketing advice then get in touch now.

This Easter we are offering a free 30 minute marketing consultation for any local business looking for advice on growing.

If you would like to know more or want to book an appointment then give us a call on 01294 315054 and for a full range of service that we offer remember to check out Nexus Print & Nexus PR & Marketing websites.